BOOLZi Shooting Equipment

My name is Fredrik Larsson and I have been shooting rifle for 20 years and now shotgun for several years ( Skeet ) . I travel around to compete in many countries and meet a lot of great shooters and visiting shooting clubs and hope that you will give me the honor to be the one who makes your next shooting vest, gloves or something else that you might need.

I sell high quality clothes and accessories for shooting. All items are being tested by myself on the range for a long time before I start to sell to make sure that all is perfect. Photos shown here are on items that I mostly have on stock but its mainly to give you an idea on how you want to have your color combination on the club vest, national team vest or a vest that you are selling at a store and want to have your own touch on. I deliver everything from small quantities to large orders, when you buy small orders and want to have a special logo it will cost a little bit more of course. All logos, names and flags are embroideries on the vests.

This is high quality equipment but to a price that are extremely good. You contact me and let me know how many you need and if you want embroidery and I come back to you with best possible price, 

If you seek something that I still haven't on my website then dont hesitate to contact me because the factory are one of the very best in the world and are capable of making almost everything so most likely we can make the item that you are looking for.

You can always reach me on email: , tel/fax : +4614313200 or mobile +46708184561